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Kids Family Education

Firstly, don’t worry about children’s littering. I am sure most parents in daily life would have such experience that when you get to home from work place, you will find your kids throw all the toys you or your relative have bought for them as the holiday gift away every corner of the house. What’s worse, some naughty children would paint the wall with too much colors and it seems that they are satisfied with their masterwork. As parents, what should you do? Generally speaking, parents are angry with such behaviour what their children did, but at the same time they would put all the items scattered in the house away and clean the room as fast as they can, then they should tell the kids that not to do such things the next time. However, just a few days later, parents would find such situation happened again and also feel helpless. Suggestion from the children development experts is that before six o’clock, parent should not put their toys away and after six o’clock, parent should ask children that why these toys are thrown everywhere and how to clean up these messy toys. At the beginning, parents can clean them away with children together, and gradually children would clean them up on their own initiative without parents’ reminding.

Some parents also complain that they are so busy on work that they have less opportunity to communicate with their children. How to solve such situation? In fact, the effective communication is not dependent on the long or short time, but the sense of responsibility you give to children at every details. Remember that give a sincere hug to children before going to bed everyday, and say a complimentary word, I am sure you would find the obvious changes on your children after one year.

At the same, the first thing you do after the work should not be to do the housework, on the contrary, you can immediately hug your children and give them the warm feeling. For a while, you will find that your children become more independent and would not cry when you leave home for work.